Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News for Alternative Energy in CT & Farmer's Markets!

I've been a little engrossed in real estate lately - it's that time of year, and when you add in the crunch we had to get in under the tax credit wire, well, let's just say we're lucky I can still speak in somewhat complete sentences.  That's my excuse for not knowing about the Energy Bill that was going before the CT House of Representatives this week.  It passed 81-40.  Click here to see who voted for it.  Let's be hopeful that it now gets signed by Governor Rell.  (BTW,  you can call her office 800-406-1527 during business hours to ask her to support Senate Bill 493.This bill would subsidize alternative energy production such as solar, wind & hydroelectric power, and calls for a 15% reduction in electricity rates (yay!) plus tougher regulations of the retail marketing of electric power to both residential & business consumers.

As much as an energy bill makes me happy....farmer's markets & spring markets make me absolutely giddy!  Although some of my favorite markets (Florence Griswold Marche en Plein Air, Ashlawn Farm &  Coffee Roasters) don't start until we're farther into the growing season, many are open early for plant sales!  While I don't have much room left in my gardens for more plants, I can't help but fall in love with some of the new beauties out there!  Makes we want to dig up another patch of lawn :) 

Now when I'm on the lookout for organic produce or plants, here are some of my CT Favorites as well as those I've been meaning to visit:

West Hartford Farmer's Market on LaSalle Rd is already open for the season!  What it lacks in ambience it makes for in convenience.

Farmington's Hill-Stead Museum is hosting its annual May Market this weekend - note there is an admission fee.

I would be remiss not to mention one of my favorites - the Lyme Farmer's Market at Ashlawn Farm is always packed full of farmers with great produce, organic meats & cheeses, & baked goods!  This is a farmer's market set in a field next to barn and you can see animals and fields of flowers while you shop, but they also have AMAZING organic coffee.  It's a great location and you can pick up some really yummy foods there.

For a very quaint country artisan's market, I like the Middle Haddam Farmer's Market at the Middle Haddam Library.  The guy with the homemade artisan bread is a culinary genius.  His bread, some goat cheese, and fresh fruit from Rick Walker's gorgeous table at the market make for an incredible lunch!    

Elizabeth Park in Hartford is hosting its annual plant sale on May 15th from 10-2.  I've always wanted to volunteer my time in their of these days I will!

I've been meaning to visit Urban Oaks in New Britain for some time thanks to my fellow realtor Carl Lantz of West Hartford.  This organic farm is known for it's fabulous tomato plants and their seedling sale is coming up Fridays & Saturdays from May 12-June 12.  I will most likely be picking up my few tomato plants there during their sale. 

BTW, the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme has an ongoing Garden Fest through the end of June.  

There are just SOOOO many great markets out there, and if like me, you're not happy with what you find at Stop & Shop, take the time to search out a farmer's market where you can buy fresh & organic food directly from the growers.  Support your local farmers, or even take the time to plant a few seeds yourself and see what grows!  

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