Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Daily Dose of GREEN

Maybe it's an obsession. I spend entirely too much time thinking about being GREEN, about living an environmentally-friendly life. Lately I stay up at night thinking about my garden soil (does it need peat moss this year? is the neighbor's horse manure aged enough to use?) I've even caught myself trying to use the word eco-licious in a sentence, "That Matt Damon is eco-licious." (Despite the fact that sure, he is, I can't seem to say it with a straight face!) Maybe if I were referring to an organic vegetable...

(This lovely green icon, by the way, is the logo for Growing A Greener World TV and was designed by one of their fans, David Bilbo.)

I find GREEN inspiration every day. Or, rather, it finds me. (Confession time - despite the fact that I moan like every other realtor in my office about the company cutting our print advertising budget, I'm not reading print news either. Correction - with the exception of the Sunday paper. You don't monkey with tradition.) My news comes from my use of social media and in my world it has become hyper-local and global all at once.

For some time now, my daily dose of GREEN has been coming to me via my news feed on Facebook, and I LOVE IT. Talk about easy! My favorite pages to follow are The National Association of Realtors Green REsource Council, (which is a PBS show that I can't seem to find in our marketplace but who's FB posts can be useful and fun to read.) The gardener in me is crazy about Growing a Greener World, which is a brand new PBS program that I hope we'll get through our Boston PBS station. I'm also feeling the whole Greenopolis vibe. The blogs can be pretty good. (Their post on feeling guilty about using paper towels was directed at me, I'm sure. It was a reminder that I need to cut back. Waaaay back. Did I mention before that I'm very much a GREEN work-in-progress?) BTW, I can't help but appreciate the irony that the Greenopolis website is sponsored by Waste Management. I swear, almost every time I'm driving behind a garbage truck, there's garbage blowing out the top and littering the road. It could be a different I'll be on the lookout. Maybe Greenopolis is their way of making up for that?

Twitter is working the GREEN line for me too, but as I spend more time on FB at this point, I get more of my info from there. Couple that with the websites I frequent, and there you wonder I'm always thinking about being GREEN.

BTW, if you live in my part of Connecticut, we have our own GREEN superhero. His name is Andy Bauer and he's a passionate environmentalist. Special thanks go out to Andy for giving Scott the push we needed to apply for the solar lease program!


Kyle said...

Hi Lynn,

Great blogging. If you want an expert on manure, I know someone who lives in town who knows quite a bit about that kind of... stuff.

Tzadkiel said...

Laura and I dearly want a garden, but can't even get the grass to grow. Any hope for what is a sandlot?

GREEN Connecticut Realtor said...

Thanks, Kyle! Tzadkiel, there is always hope for your garden! Sounds like your soil (or perhaps lack thereof) needs some serious amending. You can actually buy bagged garden soil, but I would also look to getting your hands on some good compost and aged manure. (Easy for me to say...we have leaf & lawn cutting compost piles at the back of our yard, plus a kitchen scrap composter in the garden, and our neighbor has I get those things for free.) IN CT we can have our soil tested through University of CT and they'll recommend what our soil needs. Our soil has a lot of clay, so to keep it from compacting where I grow my carrots, I actually add sand! Maybe we should swap a few buckets of soil :)