Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Quick Update on the Solar Panels...

The good news so far is that we've been approved by the CT Solar Lease Program. Our house would need 40 Evergreen ESA 210 solar panels, with an 8.4kW solar electric system and this would generate 95% of our energy (based on past usage.) The estimate is that our monthly payment would be $131.37.

Now the rebate application goes to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. The total proposed cost is $55,860! (My eyes ACTUALLY popped out of my head when I saw the number.) The rebate amount hopefully will cover $29,724 coming from the CT Clean Energy Fund (CCEF.) The difference, I finally understand, is paid in our monthly lease. There must be a lot of people with the same idea because it appears the waiting list to have the panels installed goes into August!

So, for the solar electric...fingers still crossed while we jump the last hurdles.

The solar company also gave us a quote for solar thermal hot water, at a price of $10,264.50. With this one, there is a federal rebate of 30% or $2383, and a CT Clean Energy Fund rebate of $2320, bringing the total down to $5561. 73% of our hot water use would be offset by this kind of system. Hmmmm....things to ponder.


KJ said...

This is all great. I look forward to hear how it all pans out. Our neighbours put in solar panels (it was a huge selling feature when they sold a few months ago) and I have another girl friend who is renovating and will be "off the grid" in downtown Toronto! Our 1912 home needs to move in the same direction.

Tzadkiel said...

Sadly, I have about 80% shade at our home. No PV for me :(