Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Do You Say GREEN in French?

La Vie en it the new Vie en Rose?

I was flipping through a French mag called Maison & Travaux and came across a short article on a website I just had to research.

This website is While it does not appear to have an English language feature, it is to me, over the top in its GREEN deliciousness! I love the drama of lines such as, "Kindle: Ecological Angel or Demon?" I keep seeing the slogan "Adoptez la green attitude!" Funny, but I always thought the French were so GREEN already. That's my own opinion though, based on the infrastructure & excellent mass transit, use of nuclear energy, and the cars with great gas mileage (just to name a few.) I love that they're looking to further make a difference. Apparently, from this site, there are TONS of eco-shopping opportunities too. Admittedly I spent most of my time perusing the organic wines :) By the way, there are website translators, such as one offered by Google, which may even pop up at the top of your screen, if you need help reading the site.

There does exist an English language site, which seems more eco-consumer centric and less article-driven, but if you click through the blog posts....there is some interesting material. Today's post was entitled Green Coffins for an Eco-Friendly Afterlife. There's something I had NEVER considered, and to be honest, I'm a little uncomfortable with the whole idea.

One of my favorite features on the greenzer website is the GREEN FACE-OFF! This is a comparison of 2 products (say, CFL lightbulbs vs. LEDs, or Apple vs. Dell) to see which is the greener choice. I also like their glossary of GREEN terms.

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