Friday, February 12, 2010

The GREEN CT Realtor gets GREENER...

If we're approved, my current GREEN-NESS is about to get a shade darker!

A few years ago we had a solar contractor come out to the house to find out about solar panels. At the time we were looking at a cost of $10,000 to install a solar hot water system. After spending around $100,000 to renovate the house, we didn't exactly have any money left over, so that project was shelved.

Since then, the Connecticut Solar Lease Program came along. The basics are that you lease the panels for producing your electricity for 15 years, no down payment (other than a $150 processing fee) and then you make monthly payments of $120. The deadline for applications is rapidly approaching on February 26, 2010.....and guess who is applying?

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I'll keep you posted!

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