Friday, March 6, 2009

A Green Spin on Decorating

An old friend of mine, Lillian Winnail, introduced me to a home decorating blog that I fell in love with instantly. It's

So why do I consider her to be Green? What I love about this decorator is that she recycles, repurposes, buys at yard sales, "shops her house" for items to freshen a room, and looks to nature for inspiration. She has such an eye and uses natural elements to create something really special. Well, natural elements plus a glue gun....

As a Realtor, decorating comes into play when it's time to list a house. It's amazing what a little home staging, rearranging of furniture, and de-cluttering can do!

Check out The Nester's blog if you're looking for a little Spring decorating inspiration sprinkled with a sense of humor.

End note: As a thanks to Lily, here's a link to her site. She's a mompreneur who invented an infant carseat carrier pad that is a gorgeous must-have for new moms!

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